Our mission at Bristol Anesthesia Services is to provide our patients, physicians, and institutions we serve with the highest level of care using an efficient, patient-centered, evidence based approach.


Bristol Anesthesia Services is a well-established practice and has enjoyed providing anesthetic care to the patients of Bristol Regional Medical Center and the surrounding surgery centers, proudly providing the highest standards in anesthesia services to the people of Northeastern Tennessee and Southwestern Virginia for over 30 years. Our Anesthesiologists are all board certified and include the only Transesophageal Echocardiography certified anesthesiologists in the Tri Cities area. At Bristol Anesthesia Services, we use the Anesthesia Care Team approach, with medically directed  certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs). In some instances, we provide physician administered anesthesia.


At Bristol Anesthesia Services we have a longstanding culture of integrity, compassion, and teamwork. Anesthesiologists medically direct CRNAs to provide safe and compassionate anesthesia care tailored to each of our patients. Patient safety and comfort are our uncompromised priorities.

  • The physicians of Bristol Anesthesia Services are all Medical Doctors (MDs) who specialize in providing anesthesia. Our specialized training makes us uniquely qualified to care for patients requiring anesthesia for a wide variety of procedures from open heart surgery to colonoscopies. The education required to become eligible for board certification in Anesthesiology gives us the knowledge and experience to anticipate challenges that may arise during a procedure as well as the ability to continuously assess and treat the many health issues that relate to the anesthetic.
  • To become an Anesthesiologist, one must complete undergraduate college, four years of medical school followed by four years of training as a resident in the specialty of Anesthesiology. Additional time may be spent in subspecialty fellowship training.
  • Bristol Anesthesia Services provides anesthetic care with medically directed CRNAs.  All of our patients receive excellent and personalized care by one of our board certified Anesthesiologists who direct the anesthetic plan and are involved in every phase of the anesthetic, before the anesthetic (preoperative), during the anesthetic (intraoperative) and after the anesthetic (postoperative/recovery room).